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The first online shop to bring preloved antique, vintage and modern picture and photo frames back to life. Each frame is handpicked and creatively revived in Devon so that when you buy it, it comes with all the essential ingredients. Frames from the Attic also offers a local Mounting & Framing service. Help to fight against a "throw-away" society. Don't buy new, buy second-hand. It's the greener solution.

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Glass in picture and photo frames is 2mm float. This is used for all of the frames that come without glass or need it replacing. Should you require a more specific types of glass for your frame, then let me know and it can be ordered. But please be aware that there will be a separate charge for this service, in addition to the cost of the glass.

For those frames that don’t require any glass, they will be supplied with backing board, screw eyes and cord only.